Don’t Postpone Water Heater Repair

Don’t Postpone Water Heater Repair

Fix your water heater in Grand Blanc, MI

Looking for a water heater repair service in Grand Blanc, MI? Meadowbrook Heating and Cooling can inspect your water heater and make any necessary repairs. If you think you might need a water heater repair, call now.

Ignoring problems with your water heater or jury-rigging a quick fix can lead to anything from perpetually cold water to an explosion. Keep your home and family safe by scheduling a professional water heater repair today.

The top 3 water heater problems

How can you tell if you’re having water heater problems? The most obvious sign of a problem is not getting any hot water (you had one job, water heater). But you might also notice:

  • Dirty water: Is your tap water looking a little earthy?
  • Bad smells: Does your water smell like rotten eggs?
  • Rust on the tank: Are you worried your tank might rust away?

If you’ve seen any of these water heater problems, call our Grand Blanc, MI office right away for the repairs you need.